Responsible card game

    In addition, if you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact one of the following organizations:
    • In gamcare. It is a leading company providing advice, guidance and assistance to fight the impact of the game on a person. The organization is located in gamcare, United Kingdom. Internet address: Confidential room hotline 0845 6000 133. If you live in another country, gamcare can provide you with contact information for other international organizations that will support you.
    • Anonymous gamblers, in the translation of "Anonymous gamblers on money" - a community of people who give all their power to fight against the difficulties they cause gambling, as well as helping and supporting each other. Anonymous player sections can be found almost anywhere in the world. This organization has its international site:
    • Game therapy, which translates to "Game therapy" - a company that advises and supports people suffering from gambling addiction. The professionals who work in this organization work both in the Uk and abroad. Organization website:

Card game limit
For the convenience and comfort of our customers, we offer the option of limiting the amount of money that can be transferred to the account. The amount of the charge may be changed, but not before 48 hours from the date of the user's change request. To change the amount of the deposit, you must contact the customer service that is on our website in the section «Support».

Do you already have 18?

Minors are prohibited from playing card games on money. we may still ask you to prove the validity of the age you have declared, and we may also perform a check to confirm the information you have specified. The account and payment of money can be suspended, before providing accurate and reliable data on your age. It should also be recalled that each country has its own age, from which it is permitted to participate in gambling. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the laws in force in your country regarding gambling.

We can use a third party to see if the user of the site has turned 18. This is a mandatory measure to prevent any violation of the law. We urge you to save and do not transfer your account number, username and password to anyone to prevent anyone from accessing your User Account and losing money.

Parental control:

Dear parents! To control or restrict your child's Internet access, there are many different programs. These include:

  • The software with the CYBERsitter filter, will allow you to add sites selected for their lock tracking:
  • Software with a language filter that protects children from accessing unwanted information on the Internet: