Terms and Conditions

Date Last Updated 20 Aug 2015

Please read this user agreement carefully.

This user agreement regulates all the relations between the portal "HRAP GAME" site: hrapgame.com (hereinafter "HRAP GAME") belonging to the company "ALDAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA" COSTA RICA, HEREDIA-SAN RAFAEL, Licensed in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Costa Rica № 3102673379, license of 10/09/2013, and You (hereinafter "you"), as a user of services "HRAP GAME".

By accepting this user agreement, you confirm that you are 18 years of age and you agree to all Terms and Conditions of service on the site hrapgame.com.

Legal agreement

1. Introduction:

1.1. When viewing, opening your own account and using the resources of the site hrapgame.com. (hereinafter referred to as "website") belonging to the company "ALDAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA", you must comply with the following rules:

1.1.1. All the rules that are on the page you are viewing;

1.1.2. Privacy conditions;

1.1.3. Conditions of the game "Snore" and "Svara"

1.1.4 You are obliged to comply with all existing conditions of the promo actions, offered bonuses and various offers. This information is constantly updated on our website.

1.2. All the conditions described above are collectively referred to as "terms".

1.3 Before you complete the Terms and Conditions, read them carefully. If you disagree with at least one item, do not open an account or use the resources of our website. If you continue to use the website, then you automatically agree to the Conditions.

General Conditions

2. Parties

2.1 The website is wholly owned and managed by the company "ALDAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA", registered in the Republic of Costa Rica Costa RICA, HEREDIA-SAN RAFAEL.

2.2. Under the words "we", "our", "Company", or "us", used in the terms, the party referred to above is implied. With it, you conclude the contract.

3. Changing the terms of use

3.1. The company ALDAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA for some reasons (including commercial), for the implementation of new laws or regulations, or to serve its customers, has the right at its discretion and in Completely different time to modify and modify the provisions of this user agreement by publishing it with already modified, deleted or added items. By continuing of using our resource, you automatically agree to any changes you make. Except when the user agreement is published, it is specified that the changes will take effect after 30 days.

3.2 If we make changes to the terms of use that we may notify you, we will send you a special notification by SMS, e-mail or post it on your website.

4. Opening your account

4.1 In order to make the necessary bid through our website, you must open your own account (hereinafter "your account").

4.2. Only persons who have attained 18 (eighteen) years of age may make their own account for the purpose of further use.

4.3 For various commercial and legal reasons, you may not open and use your account while staying or staying in a number of jurisdictions (this applies to the United States of America). If you are located in a jurisdiction, you shouldn`t wind up own account on our website.

4.4. If you want to open your own account on our website, you have the right to contact customer service or do everything yourself by following the instructions provided by our resource.

4.5. As soon as you open your own account, you are required to provide us with personal data, i.e. your full name, present date of birth, all contact details, which include ZIP code, real phone number and email address (hereinafter " Your contact details ").

4.6. Now you fully acknowledge and agree that by using the resources on our website, you are able not only to win but also to lose your money.

4.7 Your personal account must be registered to your real full name. You have the right to open only one account. If we discover other accounts that belong to you, they will be called "duplicate accounts" for Service and website. We have the full right to close your duplicate account as well as:

4.7.1. All transactions that you have made from the duplicate account will soon be cancelled;

4.7.2. If you have made a bet from the duplicate account, they will also be cancelled;

4.7.3. We have the right to deprive you of the winnings and refunds you have received during the existing active duplicate account. We have the right to demand back all sums. And you will also have to return all the sums you have withdrawn from the duplicate account.

4.8 If you have a desire to have another account, you can open it only by writing a letter to the support service. If you agree to open a new account, the old one will be immediately closed.

4.9 It is necessary to update your data and competently manage your account.

5. Identification of your identity; the necessary requirements to counteract the legalization of funds received by unofficial ways. AML.


5.1 You exactly guarantee that:

5.1.1. You are over 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, which is set by the law of your jurisdiction in the age category from which you can participate in gambling (hereinafter "age established by law");

5.1.2. The data you provided when creating the account are correct and relevant;

5.1.3. You are real and rightful owner of funds that are on your personal account.

5.2. By agreeing to Terms and Conditions, you allow us to conduct the checks that we need or third parties. It is necessary to verify your identity and confirm your contact details ("checks").

5.3. During the controls performed on the site, we have the right to limit access to your funds for a certain period of time.

5.4. In some cases, we may contact you and request the information we need to complete the audit. If, for any reason, you do not provide us with additional data within 72 hours, we may limit access to your funds. And we also have the right to close Your account until you provide the necessary information. This is necessary for protection against fraud.

5.5. If, for any reason, we cannot ensure that you are older than the legal age, we have the right to close your account and limit any action. If we find out you were younger than the required age at a game action:

5.5.1. We have the right to close your account;

5.5.2. All the actions you did when your age was less than you expected will soon be cancelled. The funds you have earned will be returned immediately;

5.5.3. All bets made during the game will be returned to your account;

5.5.4. We will deny you the right to any winnings that have been credited to your account during this period. After that, we will send you a request for the funds you have withdrawn from your account.

5.6 International and local regulations require HRAP GAME to implement effective domestic procedures to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, trafficking in drugs and human beings, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, corruption and corruption and to take action in the event of suspicious activity by its users. The AML / KYC policy covers the following issues:

5.6.1 Confirmation of identity. the HRAP GAME verification procedure requires the user to provide HRAP GAME with authentic documents (e.g. international passport, account statement, utility bill). To this end, HRAP GAME reserves the right to collect user identification information as part of the anti-money laundering policy and The "Know Your Customer"policy. All legal tools will be used to verify identification information, and HRAP GAME reserves the right to further verify certain users that have aroused suspicion. The user verification process includes the provision of documentation to confirm the identity of the user. the user must provide one of the following documents: - civil passport; - international passport; - identity card. To confirm the address, the user must provide one of the following documents: - an extract from the bank, where the address of your actual residence is clearly visible; - an invoice for public services, where the address of your actual residence is clearly visible; - tax documents, where the address of your actual residence is clearly visible; - a document confirming the address of your actual residence, issued by local authorities, where the address of your actual residence is clearly visible.

5.6.2 Transaction monitoring. The verification of users is carried out not only by verifying their identity, but above all by analysing their transactional models. Therefore, HRAP GAME relies on data analysis as a tool for risk assessment and detection of suspicious user activities. HRAP GAME collect data, filter, record, manage surveys and reports. With regard to the AML / KYC policy, HRAP GAME can monitor all transactions and reserves the right to: request additional information and documents from the user in case of suspicious transactions; suspend or block the user's account if HRAP GAME has reasonable suspicions that the user is involved in illegal activities.

The above list is not exhaustive and transactions will be monitored on a daily basis to ensure that transactions are considered suspicious. The user does not have the possibility to create a voucher using the funds credited on the bank payment card-online. Funds credited to these cards can only be spent on bets in the game or returned to the same card.

5.6.3 Risk assessment. HRAP GAME, in accordance with international requirements, adopts a risk assessment approach to combating money laundering and terrorist financing. HRAP GAME strives to provide measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, comparing them to identified risks. Resources will be allocated according to priorities, with the greatest attention to the highest risks.

6. Client userName, data and password

6.1. Once you have opened your account, it is recommended that you do not tell anyone your password and your name on our website. If you forget or lose your personal data, you can always retrieve it by clicking on the "Forgot Password" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

7. Deposit funds into your account and withdraw funds from your personal account

7.1. As soon as you wish to bet for other shares in the Games Snore and Svara via our website, you must deposit your funds into your personal account. After that, you will be able to use the means to play games "Snore" and "Svara".

7.2. To deposit funds into your personal account, you can use a variety of providers that are designed for payment services. Their composition is constantly updated. The time limits, the order and the different payment rules are always different depending on the provider providing the payment services. The money you send is not accepted.

7.3. Once you have deposited funds into your personal account, you should not abandon the transaction and try to cancel it in any way. And you must also repay us all the deposit amounts that you could not transfer to us for any reason.

7.4. Your personal account is not called a bank account, so it is not covered by insurance coverage, various guarantees and other protection services that offer different insurance systems on bank deposits. If you deposit amounts into your personal account, no interest will be credited.

7.5. We have the right to credit the amount you have in your account at any time because of your arrears to us. This can be done once all rates have been recalculated based on the rules applicable to duplicate accounts. And also under the sections "Collusion, deception, fraud and criminal activity" or on the basis of the paragraphs that deal with errors.

7.6. You are responsible for reporting your own losses and gains to the tax and public authorities, which are located in your place of residence.

7.7. You have time to request a withdrawal from your personal account at the appropriate time, provided that:

7.7.1. All payments that have been transferred to your personal account have already been confirmed as completed and have not been cancelled, cancelled or refunded for any reason;

7.7.2. All the Checks described in section 5 have been performed;

7.7.3 for any payment request, you must provide the necessary personal information and analysis of your passport.

7.8. Once we have approved your withdrawal transaction, you agree to provide us with all the information on how you will transfer the funds. We will do our best to meet your transfer request in the correct currency. But we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the payment conditions that you will inform us.

7.9. We have the right to take a Commission equal to the amount of our expenses (as well as the expenses related to the registration of funds) if you withdraw funds that you did not use during the game.

7.10. We may modify or modify, or supplement the payment and billing methods used, and publish information about any changes in this Agreement or any other section of our Site. The amendments and amendments will come into force as soon as we publish them on our page. If a user disagrees with the rules and changes, he can simply delete his account at any time.

7.11. The withdrawal of money is possible only by the way in which the account has been replenished.

7.12. Funds credited to bank cards can only be spent on bets in the games or returned to the same card.

8. Gambling and participation in games

8.1. You are responsible for the accuracy of the data for any transaction carried out with your funds.

8.2. You have the right to consult the complete history of the operation on the site

8.3. We have the right, at any time and in our sole discretion, to refuse you any part of the transaction you are conducting. The operation is considered successful only if we confirm. If, for unknown reasons, you receive a refusal, you can contact customer service.

8.4. Once you have confirmed the bet, you can no longer cancel the transaction without our consent.

9. Collusion, deception, fraud and criminal activities

9.1. Not all of the actions listed below can be performed and are considered a breach of Conditions:

9.1.1. Conspiracies (when two or more players play with each other or share information with each other to gain an advantage over the other players) are strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to intentionally lose to another player for the purpose of transferring chips . Players who are bound by a paysharing agreement are not permitted to be at the same cache game table.

9.1.2. The use of any unfair advantage or fraudulent action, as well as the use of faults and errors in the operation of our website, the use of automatic game systems called bots, and the use of various errors;

9.1.3. Fraudulent practices that benefit you, and the use of stolen or inaccurate credit cards for your own purposes or any other illegal use of those cards;

9.1.4. Participate in all illegal activities, as well as activities related to the legalization of funds obtained through and the Commission of offences that may lead to criminal sanctions.

9.2. We will endeavour to take all necessary measures to prevent such actions, identify such actions and the users who commit them and take all necessary measures. We are not responsible for any damages you may incur as a result of participating in an agreement or any other fraud. We have the right to take all measures against such acts.

9.3. If you begin to suspect that a person has conspired or engaged in deception or other illegal activities, you should inform us by e-mail as soon as possible.

9.4. We have the right to report to the competent authorities, other online gambling operators, other online service providers, banks, credit card companies, electronic payment service providers and other financial institutions that provide your information, and to report suspicions of illegal or inappropriate acts. You are committed to assisting us fully in the investigation of these acts.

10. Other prohibited activities

10.1. You must not use the website to defame or insult someone because of their race, sex or other reason to cause damage. You do not have the right to use offensive words or images, use cursing, threaten, cause concern or insult anyone else (including other users), or to behave inappropriately towards Company employees who work on our website.

10.2. You are not permitted to interfere with the website, to overload the website with avalanche routing ("Flood") in order to influence its operation, and to use any means that might affect the functionality of the Website, distribute virus files, the network of "worms", "logic bombs" or other viral programs. The direction of multiple requests or" spam " is strictly prohibited. You must not falsify, modify, delete or otherwise modify the information contained on the website in any form.

10.3. You may use the website solely for your entertainment, and you have no right to repeat it or any part of it, in any form whatsoever, without our consent.

10.4. You do not have the right to take measures to illegally access the website, the servers on which it is stored, or the servers, computers or databases that are connected to it. You must not perform DDoS attacks or other similar attacks on your Website. In the event of a violation of this provision, we have the right to report all the facts of the violation to the competent law enforcement authorities and to cooperate with them by providing them with information about you. In the event of such violation, you will be immediately deprived of the possibility of using the website.

10.5. We are not responsible for damage or damage caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, viruses or other malware that may have a negative impact on your computer hardware, programs, data or any other hardware you own due to your use of the Website or your downloading of any hardware

10.6. The sale of accounts and the exchange between players are strictly prohibited.

11. Website Modification

11.1. We have the right, at our sole discretion and at any time, to make changes to any product we provide ourselves through the website in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website.

12. Computer system malfunctions

12.1. If you encounter any unexpected system problems, malfunctions or errors in the operation of our software or hardware that we use to access the website, we promise to take immediate action to solve this problem.

12.2. We are not responsible for any malfunctioning of the computer systems resulting from a malfunction of your hardware that you use to access the website or from a malfunction of your internet service provider.

13. Errors

13.1. In some cases, the rate may be accepted or payment may be made by us in error.

13.2. We have the right to correct any errors we make in the execution of the BET and to recalculate the bet at the correct price and taking into account the conditions that were applicable or should have been applied at the time you made the bet. In this case, the bet is considered to be perfect under conditions that were normal for this type of BET.

13.3. We (including our employees and representatives), as well as our partners and suppliers, are not responsible for losses (or loss of earnings) incurred as a result of an error we made or an error you made. Any gain or loss resulting from such an error will be immediately reversed.

14. Exclusion of liability

14.1 . You can access our website and use our products that we offer. This article is executed because of his fear and risk. We have no responsibility in this matter.

14.2. We always access our website with extreme caution regarding the implementation of our Terms and conditions. We do not promise or provide anything with respect to the products offered. And we also exclude all warranties concerning our site and its products.

14.3. We are not responsible for any loss or loss of your personal data resulting from the loss of your reputation or the suspension of your business. As well as any losses that occur in accordance with the Terms and Conditions in the process of using our server.

15. Violation of the terms of use

15.1. You agree to indemnify us for all damages and expenses, as well as for costs that will be charged to us by a lawyer. This also applies to costs that may be disrupted due to non-compliance.

15.2. If you violate our Terms of use in any way, we have the right:

15.2.1. Inform you, using your personal data, of your violation and force you to stop committing such acts;

15.2.2. We have the right to temporarily stop all transactions related to your account so that you do not have the right to use our server;

15.2.3. We may temporarily close your personal account with or without notice;

15.2.4. Withdraw from your personal account the amount of your winnings, who will pay for one of the violations.

15.3. We have the right to block your account and password, if you do not comply with these Conditions.

16. Intellectual property rights

16.1. All elements of the website design, text, music files, photos and Videos, their selection, software compilation, initial source code, software and any other content forming part of the website are subject to the copyright or other proprietary rights owned by US or used by US under licenses / authorizations granted by third parties who hold such rights. In the event that the content of the Website is allowed to be downloaded on a single computer and its subsequent printing on a paper medium is allowed only for your non-commercial use.

16.2. You are not permitted to use any intellectual property that is posted on our website. For example, it could be any brand image that belongs only to us or to other third parties.

16.3. You do not have the right to use the names that belong to our company. In addition, you cannot use the logos that are displayed on our service. This article is valid if we have not given you express permission because of the conditions already established.

17. Your personal data

17.1. In accordance with the law, we undertake to respect all necessary conditions for the protection of your data when we use the personal data that we collect from you when using the website. In this regard, we are very responsible for the obligations related to the use of your identifying information.

17.2. By providing us with all the information you confirm provided under the Conditions, in order to optimize the operation of our website and to ensure that all obligations provided by law are met.

17.3. As far as our company's policy is concerned, we have the right not to transfer personal data to third parties, except the data of server employees who have access to your personal data to perform the operations requested by you.

17.4. We keep copies of all possible messages sent to us (as well as copies of messages sent to us by e-mail) to take into account the information we receive from you.

17.5. When you enter your number during the registration, you automatically accept that this phone number receives advertising messages from our server.

18. Use of cookies on the site

18.1. In order to ensure the functioning of the website, it uses “cookies”. The "cookies" file is a text file that is instantly downloaded to your computer when you visit our website and that allows us to know you when you return to our website. Information on the removal and control of all cookies is available on the website www.aboutcookies.org. We also ask you to note that if you delete or disable cookies, you will not be able to access certain parts of the site or use certain parts of the site.

19. User content

19.1 The company has the full right, but does not undertake to: use the exchange of messages on the "HRAP GAME" site, other similar sites, forums, other channels, including, but not limited to, monitoring to respect all appropriate standards of conduct and immediately remove content that is deemed offensive. "HRAP GAME “does not support content modification that is hosted by any user due to the use of "HRAP GAME" services. "HRAP GAME “is not responsible for the content that is published or reported by the user after using the services in”HRAP GAME". The user guarantees to the company and its affiliates, as well as to their employees, officers, directors and agents, representatives and suppliers of content any reimbursement related to damage caused by the use of this content.

19.2 The user fully confirms that the information he hosts, including correspondence with other users on forums or personal messages, as well as other types of messages and publications published in connection with the use of the game “HRAP GAME " are recognized as non-confidential messages, and that the user does not expect the privacy policy to apply to such messages. The user fully acknowledges and confirms that the personal information he or she communicates publicly may be seen and applied by other users, which may lead to the posting of messages without the permission of another player. HRAP GAME accepts no responsibility for the information provided by the user to other players.

19.3 The user confirms that he or she has all necessary rights to the content and the content he or she posted, that the content does not infringe the rights of third parties, that all the content is accurate, does not harm any natural or legal person, and that the user warrants to HRAP GAME and its affiliates, and where such content includes a name, voice or image of and/or resemblance to any person, the user guarantees that he has the right to grant the service “HRAP GAME” the authorization to use the name, the voice and image of a person and/or the similarity to it in the content hosted by the user in after placing the content on the site or using the HRAP GAME software, the user grants HRAP GAME the right to cite, copy, use and adapt, create other works from that content, display, broadcast and transmit that content, including the name indicated in that information or content, with a link to the company has the right to remove content that violates the rights of others.

20. Illegal content

20.1 The user must not publish or promote this information under any circumstances.

20.1.1 Any illegal content containing threats or insults and having obscene, obscene or sexual expressions, as well as a violation of the rights of a third party, is inappropriate and you must not disseminate such information;

20.1.2 Are also information that supports illegal activities. For example, it may be the use of drugs;

20.1.3 You must not use offensive or deceptive aliases or avatars;

20.1.4 You are not allowed to broadcast illegal advertisements containing unnecessary information or messages containing spam of any kind;

20.1.5 Any information which in any way infringes patent rights, trade secrets or any copyright which infringes the property rights of such thing;

20.1.6 All spyware capable of collecting data. And any content by which you collect or transmit information;

20.1.7 All forms of fraud, illegal access, hacking or malware, as well as any files that may damage, destroy or interfere with the functionality of the server or any part of it, take control of the associated software, and use the server continuously by the user;

20.1.8 Any content that has not been published on the Service (for example, it may be objects used for the game), as well as any areas that were unlocked during file hacking that resulted in the hacking of the client database, or the disruption of the Service during the game.

21. Complaints and notifications

21.1. If you wish to file a complaint about the website, you must first contact customer service as soon as possible.

21.2. In the event that you are involved in a dispute, you agree that your accounts on the server are the final proof to resolve the dispute.

21.3. If there is a difference between the two results that appear on your screen with the data that is displayed on our server, the data hosted on the game server will be considered true. You confirm that all accounts on the server will be the final proof to determine all the Terms and Conditions of your participation in these games, as well as their results.

21.4. If we want to establish a link with you in order to resolve a similar dispute, we have the right to do so with all the data specified in your accounts.

22. Transfer of rights and obligations

22.1. We have the right to transfer the rights or obligations described in the Conditions to a third party, provided that this transfer is made under the conditions most favourable to you.

23. Circumstances beyond our control

23.1. We cannot be held responsible for your failure to comply with the obligations described in the terms of use. In the event that the execution does not depend on you at any time and has nothing to do with our will, as well as war or social unrest, natural disasters, as well as any attacks on the Internet that may have a malicious effect, we automatically stop all our actions, and the duration of the execution of the undertakings extends we undertake to do everything in our power to put an end to this situation, or we commit ourselves to doing everything in our power.

24. Refusal

24.1. In the event that we cannot compel you to fulfill any of your obligations or simply decide not to use your ability to fulfill them, this will not be considered a waiver of certain rights and remedies and will not deprive you of the mandatory performance of the obligations that you must fulfill within the time allowed.

24.2. In the event that we do not submit claims related to non-compliance with any of your obligations, this is not considered a waiver of claims related to your non-compliance. Our waiver of any of the Terms and Conditions may be considered valid if it is express or if we have informed you in writing in the order indicated above.

25. Independence of positions

25.1. In the event that any of the provisions of the Conditions is declared null and void, it will be considered to be to some extent different from the other provisions in force to the same extent. In this case, the provision that has been declared illegal will soon be amended by law to reflect our original intentions.

26. Responsible game

26.1. Especially for users who want to stop their game-related activities, we can provide the ability to disconnect of their own free will. After that, your account will be immediately closed and you will not be able to bet. For more information on deactivation, contact technical support. Details here.

26.2. We are committed to doing our utmost to ensure that all your requirements are met. But we cannot assume the responsibility of continuing to participate in such games of chance and use the site without our knowledge.

26.3. We will always support programs that are relevant to responsible play, and we strongly recommend that you read the responsible Play information only on the sites checked. This is:

  • The Gambling Therapy - www.gamblingtherapy.org
  • The Gordon House Association - www.gordonmoody.org.uk

27. References

27.1. In the event that we post links to third party websites, we do so in any case solely for information purposes. Therefore, by accessing this site, you assume responsibility for yourself. We are not responsible for the information provided on these sites.