Card Game Svara. Rules.


Deck of 36 cards is used, each card has its own point:

Aces 11 points
Kings 10 points
Queens 10 points
Jacks 10 points
10 10 points
9 9 points
8 8 points
7 7 points
6 6 points

Exception is the ace of diamond and the six of clubs (so called “Shaha”) which have the role of Joker and have 11 points.


This game can be played by 2 – 6 players.


The quantity of points depends on the quantity of cards of the same suit or according to the following combinations:

2 aces 22 points
3 aces 33 points
3 sixes 36 points
3 sevens (or any other identical cards except 6 and aces) 32,5 points

The Process of the Game:

At the beginning of the line minimal stakes are done by all players.

The game starts with the shuffle and the dealing of the cards. Eachplayergets 3 cards. The first move is done by the player who sits on the left from the card dealer.

“To keep dark” means to make a half of bet without watching the cards.

The first player decides whether to keep dark or not. In case he chooses to keep dark all the following players also can keep the dark until the player who refuses to do it. Если же тот игрок, что ходил первым, сразу выбрал If the player who went first, immediately chose "not to darken", then the rest will also open their cards and they will no longer be able to "darken".

When everybody watches their cards, they make a move in turn. When turn comes to you it is possible to choose:

  • To pass (in this case you don’t make a move and don’t add to the pot)

  • To add to the pot the same sum of money as the previous player

  • To raise (to increase the stake)

Bluff in Svara card game is as widespread as in Poker. The fact that the player doesn’t pass doesn’t mean having good cards. He simply can wait for other player’s passes and take the pot to himself without opening cards.

In last two cases, you set the desire stake and make a move. Moreover, it is impossible to make the lover stake than the previous player’s and the higher than the maximum stake.

After the round starting with the first player it is possible to show the cards.

Showing the cards player puts the sum to the pot which equals to the sum of the current stake saying: “Showing cards for…”

If the player shows the cards the cards of other players who didn’t pass should be also shown. The pot is taken by the player with the biggest quantity of points.


In case two players have equal amount of points while showing the cards (for example, two players have 27 points, the others have less) Svara is announced.

In such occasion the pot remains untouched and the cards are redealt.

The players who had identical amount of points take part in Svara automatically, the others can join (in such case they should put the half of the pot) or refuse the game if they wish.