What is Draft in card games

Draft is a special type of tournament in collector card games. The essence of this is that the bridge is assembled on site, exclusively before the game. Consider what it is Draft, and how it works in card games.

The Draft tournament consists of a collection of Game decks and a direct game. The different games involve the use of different methods to compose the bridge for each participant, but there is a Generalized Scheme. To create a Deck, players (usually six to eight people) bring in new cards. The company meets at the same table, and the players open their decks: each one chooses a card, and the rest transmits in a circle. Then, the card is selected from the neighbor's deck, etc., until a deck game is typed. The remaining cards form a sideboard.

Usually after the "division" of the player on the hands of the cards more than necessary to compose the deck, so the best of them are selected-in the game they are used.

It is necessary to correctly evaluate the cards and remember what was passed on to the neighbour. Draft tournaments-the format is complex, it requires special skills and workouts.

Snore and swara are not card games to collect, they don't use the Draft technique.